Monthly Archives: December 2014


Stormy weather

Seems like it’s going to be a stormy summer this year in Brisbane. A nasty one rolled through a few weeks back. Thankfully we were undamaged but with the power out, we looked for a silver lining, which was of course going out for dinner. Oh, and by the way, A’s shoes were part of our Diva’s Wardrobe haul – $50 if…


Double Plaid

We celebrated B’s recent return from her Turkish travels with a meal at Statler and Waldorf – a great little gastronomy pub in Paddington amusingly named after the two grumpy old men from the Muppet Show.  We booked on a new app called Dimmi – online restaurant reservations in the same vein as the must have OpenTable, which we have used to…


Locally Sourced

Three occurrences are responsible for this post 1. I spent a weekend recently at North Stradbroke Isalnd, aka paradise and while I was walking along one of the gorgeous beaches I came across a drfit of pumice stone. Hey presto – nature’s exfoliater. I picked some up and took it home with me. 2. I fell in love with an olive…