Friday Infatuation

I’m a sucker for a chunky shoe.. You’re probably wondering why you don’t see more of them in my outfit posts? Purchasing too many chunky heels for your own good does not make them any easier to style. So, they remain in the back of my closet gathering dust.. I’m not sure what has me so terrified of them.. Perhaps they’re too heavy and harsh for the majority of my outfits or, a more obvious reason, no matter how many times I squeeze my eyes tight and wish, they will never look as good on my legs as the skinny pins that they are modelled on. Yet, I’m drawn to them time and time again and Wittner’s new collection is no different. I already know I am going to give in and purchase a pair but which one will it be? Kuma or Kiki? The strap on the Kuma could potentially cut my already stumpy legs off and the Kiki could be too formal for everyday wear. HELP?!?! Which one should I purchase? Which pair would I look best in rushing around New York in a months time ; )

Kuma and Kiki heel

Love B x

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