Last Post from Melbourne

I promise.

To be honest, in between all the socialising there was not a lot of time for shopping. This being the case, I made a B line for the places that I knew I would find items to my liking. I could most definitely have bought more and I intend to… next time!


Jux crystal necklace and bangle


HLSK smokey amethyst ring

These great jewellery pieces came from Design A Space – an amazing store where independent Australian designers rent retail space. The concept is fantastic and the merchandise is always fresh and interesting. I would definitely recommend checking it out when next in Melbourne – I got my things from the Manchester Lane location but I think there are other stores around Melbourne.


Oh, and did I mention my new Alexander Wang heels from Green with Envy :)


Now, the very last thing I did in Melbourne was go to Clementines in Degraves Street and bought some Rooftop Honey. Local beekeepers are collecting honey from the rooftops and parks of Melbourne’s city and suburbs as part of a larger global effort to save the honey bee. I love the idea of it and you better believe I love the taste of it. I investigated further and found the Dowtown Honey Co – three Brissie beekeeping boys bringing the bees back right here at home. Good on you people!


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