Meet Us

Alison is a forty… alright, alright, ‘late-ish’ forty something. Mother of beautiful co-blogger, Belle. Wife of long suffering credit card scrutineer, Mike. Owner of Great Dane-Greyhound cross, Freya (bet you’re wondering what on EARTH that would look like). I work full time, in a job that I love but check your style at the door people! Strictly a uniform caper.

Belle is a twenty… alright, alright, ‘early-ish’ twenty something. Daughter of aforementioned Alison. Studying for her degree and working solely to finance a life of fashion, socialising and travel.

We are shoe-aholics. It’s been not nearly enough hours since we last bought a pair of shoes. Does 100 or so pairs equal an addiction? Maybe it only becomes problematic if we act on the impulse to answer the calls of the twenty or so pairs that are stranded and lonely in wish lists across the Internet… ‘Add me to your cart… Pleeeeaase’. It wouldn’t be right to just ignore them, would it?

And don’t get us started on the clothes… We know what we like, ok?!? It’s a gift!

So, the thing is this. We got to wondering, what if we could use our powers for good? What if Alison could help other forty somethings, especially those who are mothers to beautiful daughters, to feel less invisible. What if Belle could teach other twenty somethings the elusive and highly desirable skill of helping (read – manipulating) their mothers to buy things that are ‘wardrobe raid-worthy’.

So join us on our journey and enjoy!

A&B x

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