Our Style

Caveat: we do not under any circumstances, profess to be experts in this field – we know of the existence of supreme beings in this industry and we know that WE ARE NOT WORTHY. That being said, we do have a vision, style-wise. Knowing what you like. It seems like such a simple concept yet we know gorgeous girls (of all ages) out there that have got it all but lack the confidence to spread their fashion wings.

Commandment number one in our fashion bible is ‘snap up a bargain’. Can we get an Amen? We do love a sale. That being the case, it may be a little difficult to find the exact items from our blog posts in stores. We’re more hoping to get you all to re-think – combine old and new, classic and trend setting, designer and chain store.

While we wouldn’t classify ourselves as living on the edge of fashion, occasionally we end up ahead of the curve – sometimes by design, sometimes by mistake. Mostly we’re about the ‘out for brunch’ look, because let’s face it, how often is anyone ever really sporting ‘going to the Oscars’?

The majority of our posts will be about fashion, with a few product ones thrown in, to mix things up. Oh, and sometimes you may have to indulge us with an anecdote or two. To put it somewhat crudely, it’s pretty much about scratching a voyeuristic itch.

Love A&B x

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