Projected Winner

Now, I don’t know how many Project Runway fans there are out there but we can tell you right now, it is one of our must watch shows. The drama, the stress but most of all the talent. We are not lovers of reality television as a rule but Project Runway (and our other fav, The Fashion Fund) showcase designers who obviously live and breath their craft and we cannot help but be inspired by their passion. Plus its got Tim Gunn – make it work!

Season 13 has just finished airing in Australia and we diligently refrained from looking online to see who won – although we had our fingers crossed for one designer. From the first challenge, New Zealand native Sean Kelly was hands down our absolute favourite – not just out of some Anzac spirit but because he was so exceptionally talented and was such an incredibly unassuming and likeable guy. In that melting pot of big personality craziness he stood out for being calm and well, nice.

So to the NY fashion week finale – Sean’s collection walked last – a dream of striking colour, beautiful fabrics, gorgeous silhouettes and fringe, fringe, FRINGE. While the other three collections were good, Sean’s was sublime and was deservedly victorious. Maybe one day we will own one of his pieces (and don’t say it’ll never happen – B’s beautiful multi-coloured 21st dress is from Project Runway Australia runner up, designer Tristan Melle). Cheers, Sean. Job well done!

Auf Weidersein A&B x

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