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Projected Winner

Now, I don’t know how many Project Runway fans there are out there but we can tell you right now, it is one of our must watch shows. The drama, the stress but most of all the talent. We are not lovers of reality television as a rule but Project Runway (and our other fav, The Fashion Fund) showcase designers who obviously live…


Barefoot in the Park

It seems we had such an abundance of New York outfit posts that we even forgot to post some… Major flash back to our time in the Big City. Didn’t realise we never got around to posting this, with another NY one still in the files. We visited beautiful Central Park this day – perhaps at it’s best. Tulips and…


First Past the Post

It seems time has slipped away from us these last few days. It might just be us, but the cold weather seems to make everything move in slow-motion. This outfit is from a little while back. It was actually taken the day after we arrived back from NY. I always love going to the races! All the pretty horses thundering…


Texas Tuxedo

We bought this vintage denim jacket from the excellent Brooklyn Flea market when we were in New York (a must-see if visiting). An awkward denim-on-denim situation arose when A tried it on with her J brand jeans. The stall holder’s response to the situation was classic, ‘That’s what I call the Texas Tuxedo’. Hilarious! In honour of the World’s most versatile fabric,…


The Only Way is Essex

We know, you must be thinking, ‘how many more posts can they have on NY?!’… Only a few left! We promise..! We went to this AMAZING restaurant while visiting NY called ‘Beauty and Essex’. You didn’t think we were referring to that tragic reality show, did you? The atmosphere is super cool and reminiscent of a prohibition era speak easy. Entry is…


A Good Day for Bergdorfs

Bergdorf Goodmans. Unbelievably beautiful. You walk in and expect to see Lily Van der Woodsen… and we did! Whoever that actress is, anyway. A couple of purchases later, we went up to the 7th floor for lunch in the BG dining room. A had a view of the sumptuous surrounds and out the window to the Plaza Hotel and Central…

The Ides, Wythe Hotel

Weekend in the ‘Burg

So much Williamsburg, so little time. From Smorgasburg, an amazing food market on Saturday to the Brooklyn Flea on Sunday. From the rooftop bar at the Wythe Hotel to the Brooklyn Brewery tour. Exploring the stores along Bedford Avenue – the gorgeous Catbird and Norbu ended up with a chunk of our cash. Oh, and cheese lovers, get ye to…

Brooklyn Bridge

Empire State of Mind

Guess where we’re off to!?!?!? If anyone has any ideas of where to go or what to do please comment below! We’d love to hear your suggestions! P.S. All the above photos are our own! I know.. hard to believe considering our style shots, but we swear we’re investing in a new camera! Love A&B x


Get Your Scent On

You may remember from a previous post, last time in NY we bought the candy wrapped bon bons from Bond no.9 – the box of samplers from which we were going to choose our next fragrance. As predicted, rather than narrowing down our selection, this collection of deliciousness made it impossible to choose less than 3  fragrances. Yes, you read correctly –…


Scent-Sational Bond No.9

Apologies for the way too obvious tagline – we couldn’t resist! Perfume is so very important to us and no outfit is complete until we have spritzed. There have been many contenders over the years… until now. We don’t even remember how we stumbled on this spectacular fragrance but we have been forever converted to the ever-wonderful Bond No.9. The brand…