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So Sausalito

My trip to San Francisco was truly blessed by magnificent weather. It was deliciously warm and sunny. Perfect for the ferry ride to gorgeous Sausalito. In a completely accidental nod to the nautical, I’m wearing a basic palette of navy and white… although I’m not sure how many sailors would opt for velvet as a sensible footwear option. A wears Jeans J Brand…


High Line Fever

After one of our many shopping expeditions we decided to embrace some of the City’s non-retail related beauty, namely; the High Line. We’ve posted about High Line before, one of our fave Bond no.9 perfumes is named after it. For those who don’t know, it’s a remarkable rejuvenation of a defunct and derelict elevated railway into a magical public park. Our…


Sweet Summer

With summer just around the corner, and B’s recent knee reconstruction preventing us from shooting new outfits, we decided to play around with two amazing new purchases. We bought these We Are Handsome one pieces a few days ago. After much um-ing and ah-ing, we succumbed and decided rather than choose, just buy both! Fortunate for us they were both…