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High Line Fever

After one of our many shopping expeditions we decided to embrace some of the City’s non-retail related beauty, namely; the High Line. We’ve posted about High Line before,¬†one of our fave Bond no.9 perfumes is named after it. For those who don’t know, it’s a remarkable rejuvenation of a defunct and derelict elevated railway into a magical public park. Our…


No Sleep Till Brooklyn

Not literally… we caught a few hours in the twenty five it took to get here so we slept pretty well that first night. We woke up feeling a bit groggy but we did our best to reduce the puffiness of our eyes so we could see if our vision from the previous evening of the perfect Brooklyn loft was…


Melbourne Marvellous

Ahhh Melbourne – have just returned from a long weekend of eating, drinking and generalised merriment (oh – and of course a little shopping) with my oldest and dearest friends. The weather was perfect – perfect for pulling my winter clothes out of storage in 3o plus Brisbane and giving them one last go around for 2013 in a decidedly…