The Canine Couture Assassin

Meet Freya


I know you will all know what I’m talking about… stalking that perfect online purchase. The ‘should I, shouldn’t I’ debate that rages. That frisson as you take the plunge and enter your digits. Such creativity with another ‘this old thing?’ cover story. And then… the ultimate – what’s that sitting on the doorstep? A present? For me?!?

Imagine my utter devastation when several purchases ago, I received a phone call from my husband while I was at work asking ‘Did I get something that looked like shoes delivered?’ LOOKED LIKE??? Only some Tory Burch flats! On their own that would be bad enough but people, the horror did not end there. ‘Was there a dress there as well?’ I asked in a panic, ‘a to DIE for A.L.C. dress?’ to myself, of course. ‘Hmmm’ said Mike, as he roamed the backyard, ‘There’s a black, or maybe grey thing in the bushes’. Ahhhhhh – worst fears confirmed. Foul play in the shape of a Great Dane – Greyhound cross had befallen my package. Freya, the canine couture assassin.

Oh – so, so cross!! Obviously Freya was thrilled when the delivery driver, on seeing her waiting on the other side of the fence, decided that it was in his best interest to lob the parcel over the fence rather than play chicken with the couture assassin. Chewing deliveries within her reach, she believes,  is firmly within her job description.

Fear not, this horror story has a happy ending. Feeling desperately hopeless, I contacted shopbop (the etailer from which I had made said purchase). They were amazing! They completely replaced my order, sent it priority mail, AND gave me a $20 voucher, which they upped to $30 when I extolled their virtues in a rapturous reply. In my opinion, this type of service is above and beyond. Now and forever I am a loyal shopbop customer.


A wearing A.L.C dress with Camilla Skovgaard boots


Brown leather Tory Burch flats

LOVE A & Freya x


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